Your Potential Customers Are Going Mobile… Are You Going To Follow Them Or Get Left Behind?


5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

More and more people are using their mobile devices to find local businesses when they are out and about. Do you have a website that is mobile friendly? The mobile platform as a marketing tool has tremendous potential for small businesses. I’d recommend you consider building a mobile website. A mobile website is just what it sounds like – a website specifically designed to be viewed on mobile devices like Smartphones.

Grab your Smartphone, open up your browser and go to your own website. If you experience any of the following things your website is NOT mobile friendly:

  • Font is too small, need magnification to read it
  • Load time is long
  • Flash does not play
  • Navigation is difficult
  • Buttons are too small to click on with a thumb
  • You cannot access sub-menus
  • You have to scroll left and right to see the whole page

You’re aware of just how important it is that you have a strong presence on the Internet. There are many ways of developing this presence, regular websites, social media sites, blogs, online and free online directories. You should be taking advantage of all of these.

One of the latest, most effective ways of taking full advantage of the web’s marketing potential is by using a mobile website. So, why does your business need a mobile website if its traditional site is doing just fine? Here are five compelling reasons why:

Aesthetic appeal.

You may wonder why people can’t just view your existing traditional website on their mobile devices. The truth is, they can. The other truth is that your traditional website simply doesn’t look very good on a mobile device. It’s very difficult to read.

Smartphones Are a Part of Our Daily Lives

You can’t argue with these numbers compiled by Google.

  • 33% of Canadians identified as Smartphone users.
  • 60% have used their Smartphone every day within the last 7 days.
  • 79% don’t leave home without their Smartphone.

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  • 93% use Smartphones at home, 83% while on the go, and 77% while in brick and mortar stores.
  • 56% access the internet at least once daily from their Smartphone; 70% do so to use email and 51% to use search engines.

How Mobile Devices Have Changed Consumer Behavior

  • 50% use their Smartphone to look up restaurants/bars, and 29% to research or book travel.

What do users want to do with their Smartphones?

To be entertained (88%), Communicate (86%), and Stay Informed (57%).

The average Canadian has 25 apps installed on their phone (6 of those are paid apps) and has used 9 apps in the last 30 days.

  • 66% watch video on their device; 12% do so every day.
  • 74% use their mobile device to visit social networks; 47% visit at least once a day.
  • While using their Smartphone, Canadians are also watching TV (53%), listening to music (44%), using the internet (36%), reading newspapers or magazines (18%) or playing video games (15%).

Smartphones and Local Business

Local is hot: 87% of respondents had used their Smartphone to look for local information and 89% of those had taken action as a result. Of those, 72% visited the business, 69% connected with the business, and 36% made a purchase.

49% look for local information weekly while 17% do so daily.

These statistics include many of your potential customers. Can you afford to ignore these facts?

Data transfer costs. Many mobile users must pay data transfer fees. Traditional websites have much more data than mobile websites, and therefore can cost a lot of people a lot of money to view. How often are customers willing to pay you to market to them? Enough said.


As previously mentioned, traditional sites are much smaller on those tiny mobile device screens. That means site visitors must do an awful lot of scrolling to take the whole site in . . . and let’s face it, web surfers don’t want to have to work to read a web page. Also, it can be nearly impossible to hit navigation buttons on such a tiny screen when the website hasn’t been optimized for mobile devices.

The fact that so many people access the Internet via mobile device also means that most people use their mobile devices for any of a wide variety of things – looking up a business location, shopping, entertainment, find timely information and more. These are all aspects you could add to your mobile website to increase your reach and broaden your customer base.

As you can see, there are a number of very good reasons to build a mobile website for your business, and as soon as possible. Remember it’s always best to fish where the fish are biting and the Smartphone marketing platform is full of a lot of biting fish.

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