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If You Do not Have  A Mobile Marketing Strategy… You MUST Read This

A new study from Google on 1,000 mobile users found that 92% of people who researched a product on mobile made a purchase within a day and 76% searching for something visited a related business within a day, according to Ad Week.

The research found that consumers are primarily using mobile for their daily needs: 96% said they use their phone, 73% said they use their desktop, and only 33% said they use their tablet. 50% use more than one device.

“What we found in this diary setting is what we’ve been seeing over the last few years,” Lisa Gevelber, Google’s vp of marketing, told Adweek, “This shift to mobile is not just a shift in biases—it’s a dramatic shift in consumer behavior and in expectations.”

Source: Marketing Dive

Kevin Toney is “The Marketing Coach”. Kevin coaches small business owners and sales professionals on how to find and attract new customers, increase repeat business and generate a steady flow of referrals. Call 204-783-6342 for a FREE 30 minute over the phone Coaching session.


Mobile is Now a Major Factor in Ranking Your Website

If your company website is not mobile-ready, more than likely, you’ve been missing out on potential customers. When mobile users try to access websites that are not mobile responsive, it’s a truly frustrating experience.

Most of these searchers move on to your competitors’ websites and never return to yours. So as you can guess, these are lost leads.

But now, there’s another crucial reason to mobilize your website; Google is making some changes that will negatively impact any website that is not mobile-ready.

What is changing?

Mobile-friendliness has been a factor in Google search for a few years now, but no one knows exactly to what degree.  However, Google did announce that mobile-friendliness will now be heavily weighed as a ranking signal.

On February 26, 2015, Google wrote this statement on their Webmaster Tools blog:  “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on your search results.”

The Google mobile algorithm update in April, 2015 will significantly influence the organic results for web searches performed on mobile devices. 

Why the change?

More than 60% of all Google searches are now performed on mobile devices. So Google’s overall goal with the algorithm update was to provide a faster, smoother experience for mobile searchers.

When mobile users try to access websites that are not mobile-ready, it’s pretty much a waste of time. In order to match mobile users with the most beneficial websites based on their searches, the algorithm update will ensure that mobile-friendly websites get the most search engine attention.

What does this mean for your business?

Basically, if your site is not mobile-ready, it will suffer lower rankings on Google when users search for your type of products and services on their mobile devices.

On the other hand, if your website is mobile-friendly, you may experience an increase in rankings; especially in cases where most of your competitors haven’t optimized their websites for mobile.

What should you do?

  1. Make sure your website is mobile-ready. This may sound like a no-brainer, but just because your website looks fine on a desktop or laptop does not mean that it is the same for mobile devices.

Google has provided a free “Mobile Friendliness” tool where you can test your website for mobile.
Here’s the link:  http://cliks.it/click/ZYGAm

You can tell within a few minutes whether or not your site meets the basic standards for mobile optimization.

  1. If your website is not mobile-ready, it’s time to change that. Whether you go with a complete mobile-responsive website re-design or a stand-alone mobile website, take measures as soon as possible to ensure your business is not negatively impacted by this major update.

Having a website that is optimized for mobile viewing is critical. Not only is it important for providing convenience to your mobile customers and prospects; it’s now a major factor in how well these mobile consumers can find your website when searching online for your type of products and services.

Kevin Toney is “The Marketing Coach”. Kevin coaches small business owners and sales professionals on how to find and attract new customers, increase repeat business and generate a steady flow of referrals.  Call 204-783-6342 for a FREE 30 minute over the phone Coaching session.


    SMS Marketing – Is It for you?

    Although SMS (Text Message) have been around for a long time now, it’s still one of the leading forms of communication all over the world. Marketing researchers forecast that SMS will continue to grow. Although the number of mobile phone users is growing globally, there is still a considerably high number of individuals who own non internet compatible phones. This is the biggest advantage of SMS (Text Message) marketing over other forms of mobile marketing – all mobile phones have SMS capabilities.

    But how does SMS marketing work? How is it done and how can you use it in your business?

    SMS marketing basically works by programming a software to send messages at scheduled times, for specific purposes. It may sound simple, but there are actually a lot of marketing benefits you get from implementation: 

    1. Appointment Reminders

    This is considered one of the most important features of an SMS platforms. Many small businesses rely on regular appointment visits by their patients or customers for income and a missed appointment attributes to a loss of income for the business.

    Instead of manually listing the scheduled appointments, sending individual SMS or making hours of appointment reminder phone calls, all you have to do is to schedule an appointment, input it to the system and an Text Message will be sent to the client reminding them of their appointment with you. 

    1. Gathering Leads

    With SMS marketing, you can create an SMS/Text list that you can send periodic promotions or important information to.  For example coupons, announcements about specific events like anniversaries, sales or special promotions. You can build your SMS/Text list by creating a short code that you include on posters, flyers or even your website. Make sure that you give prospects a reason to opt-in – offer a one-time discount or a freebie when they join your SMS/Text list. 

    1. Birthday Greetings!

    Although your client knows this is automated, it still feels special if you “remember” their birthday and even more special if you give them a discount coupon as a present.

    These are just some of the many things you can do with SMS/Text Message Marketing.

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